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Joel Kreissman

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About the Author

Joel Kreissman, known on many sites as Zarpaulus, is an underemployed biologist from Wisconsin who decided to apply his scientific knowledge to writing science-fiction. He has been published in Thurston Howl's Seven Deadly Sins anthology; otherwise his stories can be found on FurAffinity and SoFurry under "Zarpaulus" or on Wordpress at  

He has also published The Pride of Parahumans, a gen-mod science fiction novel for young adults. His hobbies include wasting time online, reading other indie sci-fi authors, and in-line skating.

Home background by Mark Brill, aka Deathpuppy

Fursona art by ShutUpJen

Book cover art by DonryuNorman Rafferty

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Tales of the Para-Imperium

January 23rd 2019

Two thousand years since Sol was lost to relentless machines of unknown origin, the Federation of Para-Human Species has now spread over hundreds of light-years. Though the people of the Federation Core live indefinite lives of comfort and ease, they remain vassals to the powerful sovereigns of their Imperial government.

The dissidents, the banished, and the refugees struggle to live free in the Outworlds, where technology is fragile and lives are short. But the constant expansion of the Core constantly threatens to pull them back in.


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